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COGA Meeting with MoF

CoGA and MoF Members at the Meeting

On Monday 3rd April the Committee on Government Assurances (COGA) met with the Minister of Finance Dr. Peter Larose to follow up on promises made during his 2017 Budget speech. The Committee’s focus was on the statement that banks will provide working capital for a small or new business. According to Dr. Larose the project has not yet started due ...

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COGA seeks clarification on Micro, Small and Medium enterprises development in Seychelles.

The Committee on Government Assurances today met with Ms. Penny Belmont, the Chief Executive Officer for Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (SEnPA)

The Committee on Government Assurances today met with Ms. Penny Belmont, the Chief Executive Officer for Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (SEnPA). The aim of the Meeting was to clarify on assurances relating to a project undertaken in collaboration with ADB to finance Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development in Seychelles.

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Truth Reconciliation and National Unity Committee

DOWNLOAD A GRIEVANCE FORM NATIONAL ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON TRUTH, RECONCILIATION AND NATIONAL UNITY TERMS OF REFERENCE  With an overarching view to settling past political divisions since the 1977 Coup D’état and uniting the country around a common agenda for a confident future where every Seychellois will have a sense of equal ownership and value, the National Assembly Committee on Truth, ...

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Anti-Victimisation Committee

DOWNLOAD A GRIEVANCE FORM ANTI-VICTIMISATION COMMITTEE TERMS OF REFERENCE   Introduction 1.1        The Anti-victimisation Committee is a Standing Committee created by virtue of a resolution of the National Assembly. Purpose 2.1        The Committee is mandated to hear and enquire into cases of victimisation. The principal aims of the committee are to: resolve the complaints lodged before it; and identify and ...

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Committee on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

TERMS OF REFERENCE COMMITTEE ON HIV/AIDS AND SEXUAL REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND RIGHTS The main aim of the Committee is to advocate and influence responses on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health issues The committee shall: Examine issues relating to HIV/AIDS and SRHR Advise and disseminate information to Members of the National Assembly for possible legislative enactment in a manner that human ...

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Committee on Islands

TERMS OF REFERENCE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON ISLANDS To visit all Outer Islands of the Republic, as well as certain other Seychelles islands, to engage with their owners, those responsible for their management, and those employed there so as to take stock of their actual development as well as future strategies for their use. To engage with persons from all ...

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Setting up of Committees

The Legal Framework for the setting up of Committees The Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles provides the legal requirements for the setting up of National Assembly standing committees and other committees that are required to competently fulfill its obligations. Article 104 of the Constitution makes provision for the setting up of two standing committees – The Standing Orders Committee (SOC) The ...

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Media Committee

Roles and Responsibilities The Media Committee is one of the seven Standing Committees of the National Assembly. It was created in March 2012 pursuant to order 84 of the Standing Orders through a motion tabled by Hon. Charles De Commarmond. The purpose of the Media Committee as set by its Terms of Reference (TOR) is to ensure fair, proper, dignified ...

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Committee of Women Parliamentarians (CWP)

 COMMITTEE COMPOSITION The Committee of Women Parliamentarians consists of seven Members, namely: Hon. Chantal Ghislain – Chairperson Hon. Regina Esparon – Vice-Chairperson Hon. Audrey Vidot Hon. Sylvanne Lemiel Hon. Noline Sophola Hon. Flory Larue Hon. Jany De Letourdie The Committee is further supported in its secretarial duties by two staff; Ms. Thelma Julie as the Secretary to Committee and Mrs Ghislaine Thelermont as ...

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