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Finance Public Account Committee (FPAC)


Finance Public Account Committee (FPAC) continued with their intense scheduled meetings of exchange with Ministries, Department and Agencies. On the 17th , 20th  and 21st July , whole day the Committee members met with a number of twelve (12) Ministries, Departments and Agencies for them to answer queries raised in the 2015 Auditor General’s Audit report.  Another four (4) MDAs ...

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The Finance and Public Account Committee met on 27th April 2017.


The Finance and Public Account Committee met on 27th April. The purpose of the meeting was to set forth the working method in respect of the Auditor General’s  Report. During the discussion on the Auditor General’s Report, many issues of serious concern were raised and these issues should be given priority when the scrutiny starts. Also presented were feedbacks on ...

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Auditor General Report 2009 – 2010 Ministry of Finance Ministry of Education Ministry of Health Ministry of Natural Resources and Industry Ministry of Land Use and Housing Department of Defence Department of Defence (2) Department of Prisons Department of Transport Department of Police Department of Community Development Department of Judiciary Immigration Division Postal Regulatory Agency Postal Services Division Seychelles Bureau ...

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