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16th March 2010 – Sa Semenn dan Lasanble Nasyonal

  Zedi 11 Mars, 2010   SA SEMENN DAN LASANBLE NASYONAL   Lasanble Nasyonal i repran son Sesyon ordiner, Mardi le 16 Mars, apartir 9 er bomaten.   An premye Lasanble pou diskit en proze-de-lwa, e sa i amandman lalwa Kod Penal, 2010. Sa proze-de-lwa pe ranplas seksyon 65 Kod Penal ki fer provizyon  pour lakour Sesel kapab donne zizman ...

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MNAs Discuss Second Phase of Reforms with IMF

Thursday 11th March, 2010     MNAs DISCUSS SECOND PHASE OF REFORM WITH IMF   The first phase of the economic reform program which Seychelles embarked on in 2008 has concluded with remarkable success, but more are expected to be achieved in the next generation of this reform, the head of the IMF mission to Seychelles, Mr. Paul Mathieu told ...

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World Bank Meets National Assembly Committee

Tuesday 9th March     WORLD BANK MEETS NATIONAL ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Speaker solicits World Bank support for parliamentary reform   As the economic reform programme enters in its second phase, the role of the Parliament in ensuring its proper implementation will be ever crucial. The National Assembly, as an Institution through its various Committees, will need to be strengthened in ...

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State of the Nation Address

Wednesday 24th February, 2010     President Michel to address the National Assembly On Friday 26th February, 2010, the President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr. James A. Michel will be in the Assembly to deliver the State of the Nation Address.   The National Assembly will resume its first session for this year on Tuesday 2nd March 2010 at ...

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Speaker Herminie Attends 20th CSPOC in India

Tuesday 12th January, 2010     Speaker Herminie Attends 20th CSPOC in India   Speakers and Presiding Officers – including the Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Dr. Patrick Herminie – from 26 commonwealth countries, attended the 20th Speaker’s Conference (CSPOC) held in New Delhi, India recently. Speaker Herminie was accompanied by the Clerk to the National Assembly Ms. Veronique ...

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THE SPEAKER ATTENDS THE 58TH COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTARY CONFERENCE A delegation from the National Assembly of Seychelles has returned from Sri Lanka after attending the 58th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference which was held in Colombo from 07th to 15th September 2012.   The delegation was headed by the Speaker, Hon. Dr. Patrick Herminie and comprised of the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. ...

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