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Order Paper for the Sittings of Tuesday the 23rd to Thursday the 25th of June, 2020

National Assembly of Seychelles

The Secretariat


Sittings of Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th of June, 2020 at 09.00 a.m

  1. National Anthem
  1. Moment of Reflection
  1. Communications from the Chair
  1. Presentation of Papers

S.I. 75 of 2020     International Trade Zone Employment (Coronavirus Special Leave) (Temporary measures) Order, 2020

S.I. 76 of 2020     Birds’ Eggs (Collection) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020

  1. Public Bill

Second Reading

Civil Code of Seychelles Bill, 2018 (Bill No.13 of 2018) – (Formal Third Reading)

  1. Motions
  1. Adjournment


Mrs. Tania Isaac

Deputy Clerk to the National Assembly          17th June, 2020


  1. Bernard Georges – Member for Les Mamelles

(Continuation of Debate)

In accordance with Order 93, this Assembly resolves: –

(i)      to amend the Standing Orders in accordance with the draft of the proposed substantial amendments attached herewith; and

(ii)      to proceed to consider the amendments in light of the Report of the Standing Orders Committee dated 30 July 2019 and laid before the Assembly on the same day, without the need to further refer this motion to the Committee.

  1. Charles de Commarmond – Leader of Government Business

This Assembly resolves to authorise the accession of the Republic of Seychelles to the Protocol on Patents and Industrial Designs within the Framework of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO).

  1. Paul Ernesta – Member for Takamaka

An vi ki nou lekonomi pe eksperyans lefe negativ COVID-19 kot pri komodite pe ogmante, e konman konsekans bokou dimoun pe ganny afekte.  Dan sa konteks, mon demann Lasanble pou fer en demann ek Gouvernman pou travay ek STC, oubyen, kolabor avek sekter prive pou konsider etablir Franchise ouswa retail outlet dan bann rezyon ki napa, parey rezyon sid.  Sa ava ed bokou fanmir pou ganny akse avek komodite esansyel a en pri konparab parey anvil.