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Job Vacancy: Clerk to the National Assembly

The National Assembly of Seychelles invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced candidates to fill the position of Clerk to the National Assembly.

As the Clerk (also the de-facto Chief Executive Officer of the National Assembly), you will be responsible to the Speaker of the National Assembly for the following core functions:

1. Business of the House 2. Order Paper, Bills and National Assembly Papers 3. Records and Minutes of National Assembly sittings 4. Parliamentary Support and Advice to the Speaker 5. Administrative support to Members 6. Services to Committees

Other General Duties include:

1. To be the Accounting Officer of the National Assembly

2. To provide technical guidance, advice and support to the Members of the National Assembly in the fulfilment of their National Assembly duties

3. To deliver on the targets and/or objectives set by the National Assembly

4. To ensure that the National Assembly has the infrastructure, strategies and capabilities to deliver on its mandate and objectives

5. To lead and manage the staff of the National Assembly Secretariat

6. To represent the National Assembly of Seychelles at relevant national, regional and international forums

Skills and Abilities

1. Strategic Thinking: Ability to drive the National Assembly’s Vision and long-term direction to achieve the Institution’s objectives

2. Building Relationships: Ability to build and sustain existing relationships within the National Assembly

3. Delivers / Achieves Results: Ability to work and manage resources efficiently

Personal Attributes

1. Integrity and Honesty

✓ Ability to provide impartial and forthright advice

✓ Ability to model high standards of ethics, integrity, confidentiality and loyalty

✓ Ability to serve the National Assembly of the day irrespective of personal preferences

✓ Ability to represent the Office of the Clerk by following values of honesty, impartiality, respect, transparency, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness

2. Intellect and Judgement

✓ Ability to show levels of high analytical, conceptual and innovative thinking

✓ Ability to apply effective judgement to develop solutions

3. Excellent written and oral communications skills


1. Five or more years of performing leadership and administrative work and familiarity with Parliamentary operations, administration, practices and procedures

2. Five or more years of work experience in strategic planning, corporate planning and management


1. Knowledgeable in Parliamentary Procedures, Processes and Practices

2. Sound knowledge of the Standing Order, the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles, Legislative Powers and Processes, Laws of Seychelles

Academic Qualification

1. A Degree in Law, OR Public Administration OR Management, Finance OR Social Sciences. Other academic qualifications and achievements will also be considered, alongside work experiences


The post is graded at Salary Band 13 Salary will depend on qualifications and experience. Includes Allowances

How to Apply

To apply for this position, candidates are required to submit the following:

✓ A Letter of Application, stating reasons for seeking employment with the National Assembly of Seychelles

✓ A detailed and updated curriculum vitae

✓ Copies of education qualifications

✓ At least two copies of reference letters

✓ One passport-sized photo

Closing Date of Applications

Applications must be received not later than Monday, 08th June 2020 and should be addressed to:

The Speaker

National Assembly of Seychelles

Ile du Port, P. O. Box 734

Alternatively, submissions can be emailed to gmorel@nationalassembly.sc

Only candidates who meet the requirements for this position will be contacted for an interview.

For more information on the National Assembly of Seychelles, please visit our website: www.nationalassembly.sc