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The National Assembly Welcomes the Speaker of the House of Assembly of Saint Lucia

The Speaker of the House of Assembly of Saint Lucia, Hon. Andy Daniel met with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Nicholas Prea this afternoon.

The Speaker who was accompanied by the Deputy Clerk, Mrs. Tania Isaac, welcomed Speaker Daniel and discussed several topics of interests between the two countries.


Speaker Daniel explained how there are plans to discuss Bills amongst the civil society of St. Lucia which will then be sent to the legislative to be assessed and analysed to ensure that the people are involved and participating actively in legislative work. Speaker Prea on the other hand, was making known the fact that the National Assembly will be working on the Civil Code this year and that many changes may happen.

Both Speakers also shared their experiences and views on the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Speaker Daniel specifically stating that “To effect change you must be present”, and he believes that IPU has the means to further the voices of Parliaments, which is why he wishes that the Parliament of St. Lucia would form part of the IPU. Speaker Prea then spoke of how members of the Seychelles National Youth Assembly benefits from their experiences from the IPU youth empowerment programmes and that it is in fact beneficial for their progress as young leaders.


Furthermore, Speaker Prea and Speaker Daniel mentioned of the possibility of Seychelles and St. Lucia having parliamentary exchanges that would allow Members to learn and grow from the visits which would thus strengthen the parliamentary relationship between both countries.



Speaker Daniel also paid a courtesy call to the President of Seychelles, H.E. Mr. Danny Faure earlier this week.