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The Media, Youth & Culture Committee Commemorate World Radio Day 2020

The Media, Youth & Culture Committee took over the radio airwaves of all four radio stations in a campaign to commemorate World Radio Day 2020, under the theme of upholding diversity, both in the newsrooms and the airwaves as well as other topics relating to politics and the media, specifically legislation and policies affecting the media.


The Committee chaired by Hon. Gervais Henrie were hosted by all four of the radio stations in Seychelles, namely; Pure FM, K-Radio, SBC’s Paradise FM and Radyo Sesel throughout the day on Thursday 13th February 2020.


The radio interviews provided the Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) with a platform for dialogue on the powerful medium of radio and its role in shaping society’s experience of diversity. The Members also had the opportunity to discuss the role of the Committee along with their hosts Nesta, Sylvie Ah-Time, Lindy Servina, Sabrina Jouanneau and Chicco Martino.

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In the spirit of celebrating World Radio Day 2020, the seven-member committee sent Members to each station to address the listeners live. Hon. Flory Larue and Hon. Paul Ernesta were guests on SBC’s Paradise FM with Chicco ‘In Paradise’; Hon. Gervais Henrie had great discussions on Radyo Sesel’s ‘Seychelles Matin’ show with Lindy and Sabrina; Hon. Wavel Woodcock on Pure FM’s ‘Radio Active’ show with Nesta and lastly; Hon. Jany De Letourdie was ‘On Set’ with Sylvie on K-Radio.

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It’s the second consecutive year that the Committee commemorates World Radio Day by attending interviews live on air and appreciates the collaboration with the respective radio stations.