The Secretary General through Director of Programmes PURPOSE OF POSITION: The Manager will assist the Secretary General by implementing thematic programmes pertaining to Human & Social Development & Special Programmes (HSDSP) and Gender Equality, Women Advancement & Youth Development (GEWAYD), assisting to conduct Project design and resource mobilisation, performing Project grant management and Monitoring and Evaluation, and assisting Parliamentarians (MPs) of the relevant Standing Committees to interface with such Programmes in furtherance of Regional Integration. Furthermore, the Officer will tender procedural advice to Standing Committees and other organs of the Forum, during and between Plenary Assembly Sessions, and act as Secretary to Committees. In this capacity, the Officer will support and service MPs in their different roles and functions at the level of the Forum. Moreover, the Officer will contribute to the dynamic development and implementation of the corporate strategy of the Forum, including by heightening innovation through research and analytical skills.

In the execution of his/her duty the Programme Manager shall;
a) Ensure adherence at all times to work ethics and Administrative Rules and Regulations of the Forum;
b) At all times uphold the Constitution, Rules of Procedure of the SADC-PF, and decisions of the organs of the Forum;
c) Develop the themes of Human and Social Development and Gender Equality to address new and innovative issues relevant to the SADC region;
d) Adherence to the Forum’s policy of Gender and Development; and
e) Perform Action Plans with regards to Directorates/departments in accordance with the Strategic Plan of the Forum;


The main duties and responsibilities of the Programme Manager will include the following:

1. Strategic Planning, Programming and Management:
a) Design and implement programmes in accordance with the Strategic Plan of the Forum, and managing day-to-day operations in relation thereto under the supervision of the Director of Programmes;
b) Ensure that Projects are conceptualised in line with the thematic programmes of the Forum and work towards coherence of efforts between Projects and programmes implemented across Standing Committees;
c) Contribute to the development of partnerships and to the identification of external resources to support the resource mobilisation effort of the organisation towards Committees and programmes;
d) Engage actively with donors in view of securing required resources for programme implementation in line with the Forum’s strategic objectives, guiding principles and core values;
e) Acting as focal persons with donors for specific projects, coordinating correspondence with donors and ensuring that donor requirements are met in accordance with Project agreements;

2. Resource Mobilisation, Grant Compliance and Reporting

a) Monitor funding status for each Project, identify possible funding gaps and ensure smooth transitions from one grant to the next; b) Lobby for and obtain funding, on behalf of the Forum, for a programme’s unfunded sections by identifying grants; c) Ensure programmatic goals and compliance to operational and reporting requirements are achieved; d) Review, edit and coordinate submission of internal and external Programme reports (weekly, quarterly and annual reports) for programmes as determined by the Director of Programmes; e) Prepare programme briefings by collecting, analysing and summarizing information and developing Concept Notes to engage stakeholders accordingly; f) Collaborate with the Director of Programmes in development of the annual work plan, budget and Monitoring and Evaluation plan, as well as general programme activity implementation.

3. Provision of Procedural and Technical Advice and Support to Committees of the Forum
a) Provide procedural and technical advice and support to MPs at Committee level, and during and in-between Plenary Assembly Sessions;
b) Act as Secretary to the HSDSP and GEWAYD Committee, or other organs as determined by the Secretary General, prepare Minutes of Proceedings, reports, resolutions and upkeep records of the Committee;
c) Conduct and coordinate the election process for Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson at Committee level in accordance with the Constitution and Rules of Procedure of the Forum;
d) Facilitate the participation of MPs in Committee Sessions, Plenary and other platforms;
e) Ensure that MPs on the Committee are sufficiently capacitated to interface with thematic Projects and take informed decisions in relation thereto;
f) Establish and review of relevant institutional memory instruments and material on Plenary and non-Plenary matters (recommendations, resolution and other monitoring mechanism);
g) Drafting of Committee reports for onward submission to the Plenary Assembly, and implementation and monitoring of Plenary Assembly Resolutions under supervision of Director of Programmes;
h) Build a functional network of regional partners to engage with the Committees in view of promoting cross-learning, inter-parliamentary networking and building the capacity of MPs on key relevant thematic issues.

4. General Duties as Forum Programme Manager
a) Liaise extensively with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), regional and international partners, other inter-parliamentary entities (including but not limited to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Pan-African Parliament, ECOWAS Parliament, East African Legislative Assembly, European Parliamentary Forum) in view of identifying focal persons and collaborating with the Forum on matters of mutual interest;
b) Liaise with national Parliaments and other parliamentary staff on Forum matters which relate to programmes or Committees;
c) Communicate clearly with superiors and the Office of the Secretary General through Internal Memos;
d) Conduct/facilitate trainings, workshops, and conferences and assist in developing training/workshop materials and manuals for programmes;
e) Undertake research on Parliamentary procedure and co-ordination of publication of research papers;
f) Prepare high-level evidence materials for MPs in the form of briefs, speeches or draft motions;
g) Stay up-to-date on the parliamentary and political developments and dynamics to assess how various developments might affect programme strategy, approach and implementation;
h) Contribute to the drafting of reports, website posts, social media posts, publications and Project delivery materials;
i) Provide support and advice for the integration and promotion of Model Legislation and other normative frameworks developed by the Forum;
j) Develop and Integrate a dissemination strategy for every material development activity;
k) Contribute to the progressive development of the corporate strategy of the Forum and bringing innovation through research and analytical processes;
l) Conform to such work arrangements as may determined by the Secretary General for the efficient advancement of relevant Programmes;
m) Contribute to the drafting of high-level Forum documentation such as Strategic Plans or Mission Statements from the Office of the Secretary General or the Office of the President of the Forum;
n) Prepare draft correspondence relating to relevant Programmes to facilitate liaison between the Secretary General and the Office of the President;
o) Travel as required in relation to performance of duties;
p) Conform to such staff appraisal and evaluation exercise as may be approved by the Forum; and
q) Perform such other assignments as may be determined by the Secretary General.


A Master’s Degree in social sciences, humanities, or any relevant field, from a recognised institution.

Specialised Knowledge
a) Knowledge of Parliamentary systems and processes.
b) Knowledge of regional integration and inter-parliamentary cooperation.
c) Proficient in the use of computers and computer software relevant to the position Experience
a) Experience in programme/project coordination, management and networks / partnerships building would be desirable.
b) At least five (5) years’ work experience in programme management and parliamentary committee servicing in a public sector, regional organisation or other such institutions.
Skills Requirements
a) Communication and diplomacy skills.
b) Computerised desktop publishing and production skills.
c) Conflict and crisis management skills.
d) Decision-making skills.
e) Interpersonal skills.
f) Leadership skills.
g) Mentoring and coaching skills.
h) Negotiation, persuasion, advocacy, networking and relationship building skills.
i) Organisational skills (planning, budgeting, time management).
j) Research, analytical and problem-solving skills.
k) Team building skills

Competency Requirements
a) Apply interpersonal styles/methods to develop, motivate and empower individuals toward achievement of goals.
b) Capable of maintaining quality whilst working under pressure and adhering to deadlines.
c) Capacity to motivate and influence people positively, and create a climate where people want to do their best.
d) Conceptual and practical thinking.
e) Customer focused.
f) Decisive.
g) Organisational awareness with an understanding of how to engage the organisation to get things done.
h) Maintain confidentiality and is respectful of sensitive situations.
i) Methodical and organised, and able to look at the big picture without losing the attention to details.
j) Politically savvy i.e. identify internal and external politics that impact the SADC PF Secretariat’s work, and act accordingly.
k) Professionalism and adherence to good work ethics.
l) Question conventional approaches and encourage new ideas and innovations for progress.
m) Resilience and personal drive, self-motivation.
n) Results and performance driven.
o) Visionary, thinks and acts strategically.


The position is classified as a Regional Position and is placed at Grade 4 on the SADC PF Salary Structure. The Contract period is 5 years, renewable only once for a maximum of 5 years, subject to satisfactory performance.  The SADC PF Secretariat is located in Windhoek – Namibia.


The deadline for submission of nominations for the position by Member Parliaments, to the SADC PF Secretariat, is 28th March 2020.  Interested candidates are kindly being asked to send their applications to the:

Deputy Clerk

National Assembly of Seychelles

PO. Box 734

Ile du Port


Following which, one shortlisted candidate, will be forwarded to the SADC PF, for their consideration.