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SADC PF Calls for Proposals and Terms of Reference for Consultancy



1.1.    In line with its Strategic Plan (2019-2023), the SADC Parliamentary Forum aspires to become an apex inter-parliamentary organisation that stands as the effective Flag-Bearer of democratisation and socio-economic development for the SADC region. In this respect, it is committed to pursuing its Core Values, including being performance and results-oriented, as highlighted under paragraph 1.4 of the approved Strategic Plan. Additionally, Strategic Objective 7 of the Forum clearly points towards ensuring financial and human resource sustainability through good governance and prudential planning.

1.2.    Against the backdrop of the above institutional prerogative, the 45thPlenary Assembly of the Forum meeting in July 2019 approved the merger of the Finance and Human Resources departments of the Secretariat for the purposes of administrative convenience and cost effectiveness. Staff of the Forum have also aligned their job descriptions to reflect the need to be polyvalent in resource mobilisation, committee and programmatic work alike. In this respect, there is a need to restructure the organogram of the Secretariat, rationalise previous salary reviews made for the organisation and ensure that the Forum remains performance-oriented with sustainable and efficient human resource.

1.3.    Consultants are therefore invited to submit proposals for the consultancy to conduct a Job Evaluation and Salary Review Exercise for the SADC Parliamentary Forum.



It is necessary to perform a Job Evaluation and Salary Review Exercise with the following key objectives:

  1. Harmonise the different staff grades prevailing at the Forum, by assessing job descriptions, balancing portfolios, and comparing workloads and work difficulty in view of assessing the substantive value and worthiness of staff assignments in view of optimising human resources;
  2. Ensure consistency in reporting lines and subordination to the Office of the Secretary General;
  3. Ensure that there is performance delivery through a staff results framework, monitored through performance appraisals that match performance criteria with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  4. Assist in enhancing the job evaluation system, to cater for areas such as resource mobilisation, Committee work and parliamentary business. In addition, innovation and pro-activeness will form an inherent part of criteria to be assessed in job evaluation. The new system will be premised on the need to give incentives to performing staff and to retain talent, whilst ensuring that areas for improvement are consistently reviewed and monitored to derive the best performance delivery from each staff member;
  5. Promote performance efficiency by avoiding duplication between grades, promoting team work and synergy between grades, and encouraging a culture of self-driven work, with a commitment to deliver in accordance with job descriptions;
  6. Develop a consistent approach to measuring relative size of jobs or workloads within the organisation, and determining and managing job relativities;
  7. Harmonise pay structures taking into account the basic employment principle of equal pay for equal work; In this regard, ensure a competitive salary structure in line with the standing of the SADC PF as a regional inter-parliamentary organisation and the qualifications, experience and capabilities of its staff.
  8. Ensure that the Guiding Principles and Core Values of the Forum such as respect for human rights, honesty and transparency be infused into the performance evaluation of staff. SCOPE OF WORK OF CONSULTANCY


The Scope of work includes the following:

  1. Analysing submissions and comments from the Secretariat Staff, the Executive Committee, and the Plenary Assembly on the previous salary, benefits and organisational structure to understand the outstanding issues that should be addressed by this exercise;
  2. Carrying out a literature review of the already available in-house information related to this assignment;
  3. conducting an independent survey to review the current salary levels of the SADC PF Secretariat in line with prevailing market rates for similar institutions of Regional/International standing, for similar work of comparable quality, complexity and difficulty, and comparable level of qualified personnel.
  4. Developing and sharing with the Office of the Secretary General an inception report for this assignment;
  5. Holding meetings with the Departments within the SADC-PF Secretariat and other Forum organs, as required by the Office of the Secretary General;
  6. Conducting a Jobs vs functions/workload analysis;
  7. Comparing and benchmarking on job classifications within regional organisations of similar standing as the Forum;
  8. Ranking of jobs, titles and functions within the SADC-PF organizational structure;
  9. Harmonising and rationalising the salary levels and steps for each job grade;
  10. Formulating recommendations to facilitate effective implementation of the outputs of the job evaluation exercise, and for assessing any future grade/job to be established within the organisation; and
  11. Linking job evaluation results to previous salary and benefits reviewsand preparing a revised salary and benefits scale for consideration, that are in accordance with the SADC-PF Administrative Rules and Regulations.



The key expected outputs/deliverables of this exercise shall include:

  1. A Work Plan and Inception report on the Job Evaluation and Salary Review exercise giving detailed methodology to be used in undertaking this assignment, and linking it to performance evaluation and monitoring through KPIs;
  2. A Handbook on the Job Evaluation and Salary Review process which meets the objectives highlighted in paragraph 2, and prepared through the tasks underscored under paragraph 3. In preparing the Handbook, the Consultant should consider that the organisation has a nucleus human resource (maximum of 15 employees) which is entrusted to deliver on significant high-level assignments. In view of framing the appropriate context, the Consultant will have a working session with the Office of the Secretary General on the first day of Consultancy;
  3. Draft Job Evaluation and Salary Review report, for consideration of the Office of the Secretary General, which will contain but not limited to:
    • Proposed Secretariat Organisational Structure with clear job classifications and grading based on agreed evaluation results;
    • Criteria for the job classifications


  • Job Analysis Results


  • Job Evaluation Results


  • Proposed new salary classification and criteria that aligns with the SADC PF Secretariat Organisational structure and reflects the level of remuneration that is commensurate with role capability requirements and the job market.
  • evaluation criteria for each salary level and a process to transition from the current salary structure to the new proposed structure.


  1. Final Job Evaluation and Salary Review Report, and presentation thereof to the Office of the Secretary General and the Executive Committee of the Forum; and
  2. Training of SADC-PF Management, to build their capacity on job analysis and familiarization with job evaluation.




5.1.    The Consultant must possess the following qualifications and experience:

  1. Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations or relevant qualifications;
  2. At least 7 years of relevant experience working with organisations of similar standing as the SADC Parliamentary Forum;
  3. A minimum of 3 similar assignments in the last 5 years. The consultant must demonstrate that the consultant hassuccessfully conducted and completed these assignments.


5.2.    Additionally, the Consultant should demonstrate:

  1. a) experience of working internationally, across different countries and cultures;
  2. b) ability to adhere to parliamentary decorum, and the Core Values of the Forum.

5.3.    Any other information that would help in the choice of the consultancy firm or individual is welcome.


5.4.    The Consultant must be fluent (written and spoken), in any one of the three working languages of the SADC Parliamentary Forum, specifically English, French and Portuguese.



It is expected that the assignment be conducted on 30 consultancy days (period between January 2020 and February 2020). However, a longer period of time over staggered dates consisting of a maximum of 40 consultancy days may be agreed between the Forum and the Consultant, provided that the Consultancy should be completed before end of February 2020.



7.1.    The total assignment fee shall not be more than US$20,000. Refer 15 for payment schedule.

7.2. The SADC-PF shall ensure that the deliverables meet acceptable standards as per the Terms of Reference and that the deliverables are endorsed and approved by the Office of the Secretary General. The SADC-PF reserves the right to withhold payment for the services rendered if the deliverables are of unacceptable quality, provided that the Consultant shall, as soon as possible and in writing, be furnished with a detailed report of such inadequacies. Should the Consultant fail or neglect to address the said inadequacies forthwith after receipt of the notice advising of the need to address any identified inadequacies, the SADC PF reserves the right to decline payment altogether.


8.1.    In the execution of this Assignment, the Consultant is encouraged to consult regularly with the office of the Secretary General to ensure that the contractual expectations are met. The Consultant will be expected to present the draft of the deliverables (where documents are concerned) in electronic, Microsoft Word version. The SADC-PF Secretariat will provide a consolidated verbal/written feedback on the first draft after which the Consultant would incorporate the feedback and return the final copy via the electronic mode of communication.

8.2. In this regard, the Consultant shall be required to enter into a contract with the SADC PF, which shall explicitly state the terms under which the performance of the consultant shall be reviewed (performance clause).


In the event that the Consultant terminates his/her assignment before completion of this Assignment or in the alternative, the Forum terminates the Assignment, no payment will be made beyond the milestone reached in the approved plan of work. The Forum’s obligations to the Consultant will cease, except for payment of expenses incurred up to the date of termination.  Termination may be based on, but not limited to, lack of performance or unsatisfactory performance; change in position description; uncooperative attitude and unsatisfactory relationship with the Forum; counterpart personnel, or co-workers; conflict of interest; incompetence; carelessness; insubordination; failure or refusal to work; or other acts of misconduct as determined by the Forum.


The Consultant shall not disclose or use at any time, either during or subsequent to the expiry of this Assignment, any confidential information or knowledge obtained or acquired by their being party to this Assignment, unless such information or knowledge is in the public domain without their own wrongdoing. The Consultant further agrees not to impart information relating to work or services performed hereunder to any person not entitled to receive it. He/she agrees to safeguard any confidential or other classified data that may come into the Consultant’s possession by virtue of their work under this Assignment.


The SADC-PF shall retain ownership and copyright of all materials produced under these Terms of Reference, and shall reserve the right to reproduce, edit or amend the material for official use by the Forum. The Forum shall, however, acknowledge the intellectual contributions of the Consultant.



In the event that any provision of these Terms of Reference shall be held invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall apply only to such provision and shall not affect or render invalid or unenforceable any other provision of these Terms of Reference.


13.1.  The Forum shall NOT be responsible for any costs relating to the Consultant’s medical expenses either while in transit or as part of the event. The Consultant shall, therefore, be personally responsible for his/her own medical cover for the duration of the assignment.

13.2.  Travelling expenses for travel necessary to the completion of the assignment, such as attendance to SADC-PF Headquarters or Forum events, will be covered by the Forum. The travel arrangements will include travel by economy class ticket, accommodation and Daily Subsistence Allowance at an approved rate, for 1 person. The events for attendance of the Consultant will be mutually agreed between the SADC-PF and the Consultant.



14.1.  Any consultancy firm or individual interested in undertaking the assignment is invited to submit a proposal outlining the approach to be used in carrying out the assignment and quote for professional fees for the entire assignment in US Dollars.


14.2.  The proposal should include the following:

  1. Details of the firm or individual;
  2. Details of the experience of the firm or individual relevant to this assignment;
  • A detailed Work Plan and the proposed Methodology, which shall include full justification for procedures to be adopted, and the format of the job policies to be presented as deliverables for an organization of around 15 employees;
  • Financial Proposal; and
  1. Three References on recent relevant work by the firm or individual




  • Upon satisfactory submission of all the deliverables required in accordance with the deadlines set by the Office of the Secretary General, and upon the fulfilment of the performance clause, payment for the Consultancy Services will be as follows subject also to approval of the documents by the Forum Management:
  1. Upon presentation of the outline of the report on the Job Evaluation – 25%;
  2. Upon presentation of First Draft – 25%; and
  • Upon presentation of copies of the Final Draft – 50%.


  • The above is subject to the fulfillment of the performance clause




16.1.  A one-stage procedure will be adopted for evaluating the proposals, i.e. the technical and financial evaluations will be combined. The overall evaluation parameters will be as follows:

  • Technical – 60%
  1. Financial – 40%


16.2.  The technical proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:


i) The firm or individual experience in similar or related assignments 20
ii) Understanding of the Terms of Reference and the proposed Work Plan and Methodology 60
iii) The Professional qualifications of Consultant and/or personnel proposed for the assignment 20


16.3.  The successful bidder will be the one whose proposal gets the highest combined Technical/Financial score. In order to better evaluate the Technical/Financial score, a skype interview will be held by a panel with each candidate prior to appointment of the most deserving candidate.


    • The management of the assignment shall be conducted by the Secretary General of the SADC-PF, Ms Boemo M. Sekgoma, and the address for correspondence shall be:

SADC Parliamentary Forum

Parliament Gardens, Love Street

Private Bag 13361




Tel: +264 61 287 0000

Fax: +264 61 247 569

Email: info@sadcpf.org


  • The Consultant shall submit to the Secretary General details of his/her domicilium.




Monday 9thDecember 2019