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A Child Historically Addresses the National Assembly for a Second Time to Commemorate World Children’s Day 2019

For the second time in the history of the National Assembly a child addressed the House this morning to amplify the voices of all children in Seychelles in commemoration of World Children’s Day 2019.

Mr. Misael Bristol, a Secondary student from the Mont Fleuri School, supported by the National Council for Children, addressed the House, urging the Leaders of the Legislature and the country as a whole to reflect on issues affecting children and to take concrete actions.


Misael voiced his concerns and views on behalf of all Children, on pertinent and current matters affecting their rights such as corporal punishment, need for educational reforms, exposure to social media, drug abuse and mental health issues. He reminded all Seychellois adults that children’s behaviors are clear reflections of the society’s moral principles and appealed to the adults to lead by example.

Mr. Bristol called on the Members of the National Assembly to make a difference in the lives of children by stating “Our parents have elected you in this post, please take our interests at heart. Make the most of your mandate to make a difference in our lives. If only you could make the necessary changes, changes in laws and policies and bring forward Motions that will guarantee the protection of children.”

With the whole Nation and the members of the National Assembly listening, Misael made a plea for the investment in extracurricular and communal activities for children and urged everyone to implement positive solutions. He also put forward a statement that there is still a lot of work to do in offering children the opportunities to participate in decision making and express their opinions.

The address came as a special request from the Media, Youth & Culture Committee who recognized that children represent the future and that their voices need to be heard on a number of current and vital issues that affect their lives as citizens. This special occasion has been organized in collaboration with the National Council for Children with the aim of providing young people with the opportunity to express themselves in important and decision making forums.