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Meeting of the IAC with the Seychelles Maritime Academy

Members of the International Affairs Committee (IAC) met with the Chairman, management and staff of the Seychelles Maritime Academy on Friday 25th October 2019 to discuss the current challenges that the institution is presently facing. The meeting was requested by the IAC ahead of discussions on the 2020 Budget.

The Director, Captain Krishan Perera welcomed the Committee Members and offered a presentation on the mission, vision of the institution and the progress made over the years,  as well as an overview of the various courses both full time and apprenticeship that they presently offer.  It is to be noted that the courses are SQA validated and the Members were also informed of the contributions made over the years by different partners of the Institution, namely: CINEC, SEYPEC, SFA and SMSA.

The Deputy Director, Captain Wilton Ernesta assisted with the presentation more specifically on the fisheries area and the Members of the Committee had the chance to ask questions and the instructors were also involved in the interaction.  Issues such as a shortage of instructors and the control over management from the Ministry of Education that does not allow for real autonomy, especially in the area of salaries for specialised staff was also discussed.

The Chairperson of the Committee, Hon. Jean-Francois Ferrari, promised that the National Assembly will give its full support in raising the issues during the upcoming budget debate.