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Speaker Meets with High Level Delegation from Shanghai

A high level delegation led by Ms. Yin Yicui, Chairperson of Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress from Shanghai (SCSMPC) met with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Nicholas Prea earlier this afternoon.  Ms. Yicui was accompanied by Ambassador GUO Wei and high level officials from the different Committees of the People’s Congress.

The friendly discussions focused on strengthening the partnership between the National Assembly of Seychelles and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress. Speaker Prea, expressed appreciation for the long standing strong bilateral relations between Seychelles and China and spoke of the ongoing work of the 6th National Assembly. Both delegations spoke of the various areas of common interests that could be developed between the two countries including maritime security and tourism.

Ms. Yicui took this opportunity to extend an invitation to the delegation of the National Assembly of Seychelles to also visit Shanghai in spring 2020 for the tentative exchange visit with the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

The Speaker was accompanied by Hon. Ahmed Afif, Deputy Speaker, Hon. Jean-Francois, Chairperson of the International Affairs Committee, Ms. Jutta Alexis, Clerk and Mrs. Tania Isaac, Deputy Clerk.