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The Media, Youth & Culture Committee Visit Today in Seychelles & CINEA

The Media, Youth & Culture Committee (MYCC) of the National Assembly met with the Management Team of Today in Seychelles and CINEA separately on Thursday 22nd August 2019. The meetings included site visits of the Today offices, the Music Stadium and the facilities at the ICCS.

The meetings and site visits were aimed at providing the Committee with open discussions and an overview of the challenges currently at the forefront in the print media industry and the creative industry of which CINEA are mandated to develop and regulate.

In the morning, the Committee met with the Managing Director of Today, Ms. Veronica Maria, who was accompanied by Ms. Jenifer Bipat, Chief Editor, Mr. Nelson Esparon, Newsroom Manager and Mr. Christopher Lucas, Assistant Editor whereby the Chairperson of the Committee, Hon. Gervais Henrie had the opportunity of explaining the new mandate and scope of the MYCC, as well as openly discuss certain challenges and future developments within the media sector.

The Committee meeting with the Today Team

Following the fruitful meeting with the Management Team of Today in Seychelles, the Committee then met with the CEO of CINEA, Mr. Galen Bresson, the Deputy CEO, Mr. Gustave De Comarmond and other representatives from the Organization on the construction site of the Music Stadium currently being built. The Members of the Committee openly discussed the challenges and budgetary constraints of the construction of the Music Stadium with Mr. Bresson and his team. As a result of the points raised during the site visit Hon. Gervais Henrie said that ‘the committee supports CINEA’s plan to ensure the completion on the Music Stadium project, however we are mindful of the agency’s challenge to maximize the venue’s potiential so that it will be profitable venture in the long run.

Following from that a visit of the facilities of the ICCS and a meeting with the CINEA team were held later on in the afternoon and Hon. Henrie, also went on to add that ‘the committee is shocked by the current state of the ICCS and makes an urgent appeal to the relevant authorities to stop further deterioration of the infrastructure and secure appropriate funds to refurbish the centre.

A Group Photo of the Committee and the CINEA Team Led by Mr Bresson The Committee on the Site Visit at the Music Stadium

The MYCC plan to continue carrying out site visits to the different organizations of youth and culture to ensure monitoring and a better understanding of the policies and working environments of these sectors. The scope of work will also include making reports and recommendations and inquiries, as well as study and make proposals for the review of legislation within these portfolios.

The Media, Youth & Culture Committee is a standing Committee which comprises of the following Members; Hon. Gervais Henrie, as Chairperson, Hon. Flory Larue, as Vice-Chairperson, Hon. Jany De Letourdi, Hon. Paul Ernesta, Hon. Chantal Ghislain, Hon. Simon Gill and Hon. Wavel Woodcock, as well as Ms. Alexandria Faure, Committee Secretary and Ms. Samia Lebon, Committee Secretary Assistant.