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International Affairs Committee Meets with the Ministry of Fisheries

Minister Charles Bastienne and Officials from the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture met with Members of the International Affairs Committee as had been agreed following an initial meeting that took place on 22nd May 2019 for delivering a presentation on fisheries to the Committee in advance of the negotiation of the Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA) with the European Union (EU) to take place later this year.

The meeting started with a power point presentation on the Comprehensive Fishing Plan and the Industrial Fishing. Members had the chance to come up with questions for further explanation during the presentation.

After the presentation, the Minister and his team had to provide clarification for the various questions put forward by the Honourable Members regarding the fishing industry in general as well as concerns from stakeholders.

The meeting concluded with proposal made by the Members that representatives from the Legislature be included in the negotiation team as observers.

The Minister was accompanied by Mr. Roy Clarisse – Special Advisor (Fisheries), Ms. Sherifa Morel – Ag. Director (Fisheries Economic Intelligent Division) and Mr. Vincent Lucas – Chief Executive Officer (Seychelles Fishing Authority).

In attendance were other Hon. Members of the National Assembly and representatives from the Fishermen Association.