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Order Paper for Sittings of Wednesday 19th June 2019

National Assembly of Seychelles The Secretariat ORDER PAPER Sitting of Wednesday 19th June, 2019 at 9am.   National Anthem Moment of Reflection Communications from the Chair Presentation of Papers The Public Service Appeal Board – Report for the Year Ended 31st December 2018 Statements S.I. 31 of 2019  –  Environment  Protection  (Restriction  on  the manufacturing,  importation, distribution and  sale  of ...

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Verbatim Wednesday 22nd May, 2019

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF SEYCHELLES Wednesday 22nd May 2019 The Assembly met at 09.04am National Anthem Moment of Reflection Mr Speaker in the Chair   MR SPEAKER Bonzour tou Manm Onorab, e bonzour tou dimoun ki a lekout e pe swiv travay Lasanble Nasyonal.  Nou pou kontinyen bomaten avek nou travay lo Order Paper,  kot nou ti fini yer.  E bomaten ...

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Media, Youth & Culture Committee Participate in Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue with Designated Minister


The Media, Youth & Culture Committee of the National Assembly met with the Designated Minister, Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon, as well as the CEOs and Chairpersons of the different entities under the sectors of Culture and Youth on Monday 10th June 2019. The multi-stakeholder introductory meeting was aimed at connecting the Committee with the representatives from the different organizations under Youth ...

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Verbatim Tuesday 4th June, 2019

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF SEYCHELLES Tuesday 4th June, 2019  The Assembly met at 9.02am  National Anthem  Moment of Reflection  Mr Speaker in the Chair   MR SPEAKER Bonzour tou Manm Onorab, e bonzour tou dimoun ki a lekout.  E en bonzour spesyal pou bann etidyan pou bann etidyan lekol Independence School ki bomaten zot in vin parmi nou pou swiv travay Lasanble ...

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