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Media, Youth & Culture Committee Host Annual Meeting with Media Houses

The Media, Youth & Culture Committee of the National Assembly hosted a meeting with representatives from the different Media Houses in the country to discuss topics and issues relating to the media industry, the relationship of the National Assembly and the media houses, as well as ways to improve reporting on Parliament.


The open and vibrant meeting involved discussions on the current media landscape, the ongoing resource constraints concerning reporting on Parliament, the need for training for media professionals and the sharing of ideas on initiatives that could improve the quality of reporting on national issues as well as the National Assembly.

The meeting was fruitful and a variety of Media Houses were present from the Print, Radio and Broadcasting Media, including the Seychelles Media Commission, of whom shared their views and ideas.

After having carried out site visits to SBC, Telesesel and the Nation in 2018, going forward, the Committee plans to carry out visits to the Seychelles News Agency and Today in Seychelles, as well as establish relations with Ministries, Departments and Agencies linked to Youth & Culture to ensure monitoring and analysis of policy, administration and the budget of these sectors.



The Media, Youth & Culture Committee is a standing Committee which comprises of the following Members; Hon. Gervais Henrie, as Chairperson, Hon. Flory Larue, as Vice-Chairperson, Hon. Jany De Letourdi, Hon. Paul Ernesta, Hon. Chantal Ghislain, Hon. Simon Gill and Hon. Wavel Woodcock. A large part of the work of the Members of the National Assembly takes place in Committees that are constitutionally empowered; where policy issues are considered, the work and expenditure of the Government is analysed and proposals for legislation examined and investigated.