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The National Assembly Participates in first ever Sustainability Audit in Collaboration with S4S

The National Assembly has launched an internal initiative which embraces the challenge of improving energy efficiency and environmental awareness. It is the first organization in Seychelles to have collaborated with a local NGO, Sustainability for Seychelles (S4S) with expertise in this area, to undergo a month long sustainability audit intended to provide the institution with a detailed report on the environmental impact of its daily operations, as well as identify an action plan and recommendations on how to improve energy, water and waste management.

The National Assembly is undergoing this audit after making a long term commitment to reducing waste generation, water and energy consumption, as well as removing the use of plastic bottles in its daily operations. Understanding the value and monumental contribution of civil society organizations on a national level, the National Assembly has partnered with S4S to identify best practices and to encourage other governmental organizations to do the same. The aim of the audit is to identify key initiatives and provides a means for assisting the institution in planning and accountability for sustainable activities across the organization. The audit also includes an educational awareness programme component that involves educating secretariat staff and Members of the Assembly on how to be sustainable and reduce environmental impact not only at the office but also in their homes, providing an extended knowledge- based interaction throughout.

The Sustainability for Seychelles & National Assembly Team carrying out the Waste Management Audit

In addition to participating in this audit, the National Assembly has made big steps in reducing its environmental impact by installing solar panels for energy generation, implementing a rainwater harvesting system for the management of the grounds and commonwealth garden, as well as getting rid of plastic bottles in the Chamber and Committee Rooms.

Editor’s Note: Sustainability for Seychelles is an NGO committed to helping Seychelles and other small island states work towards social, ecological and economic sustainability.

The Team Carrying out the Sustainability Audit