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The Media Committee Take Over Radio Airwaves to Commemorate World Radio Day 2019

To commemorate this year’s World Radio Day, the Media Committee of the National Assembly took over the radio airwaves of all four radio stations in the first ever blitz, to discuss the theme of ‘Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace’, as well as other topics relating to politics and the media.

The Committee chaired by Hon. Gervais Henrie were hosted by all four of the radio stations in Seychelles, namely; Pure FM, K-Radio, SBC’s Paradise FM and Radyo Sesel throughout the day on Wednesday.

The radio interviews provided the Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) with a platform for dialogue and democratic debate over issues, such as role of the Assembly in promoting the exchanges of ideas, open-mindedness and harmony in the community. The Members also had the opportunity to discuss and raise awareness among listeners and inspire understanding for the way the Assembly Committees work, along with their hosts of whom included Shamir Peermohamed, Sylvie Ah-Time, Marie Claude Onyekachi and Chicco Martino

In the spirit of celebrating World Radio Day 2019, the seven member committee which was formed during the fourth National Assembly back in 2012 sent out two people to each station to address the listeners live. Hon. Flory Larue and Ms. Alexandria Faure were guests on Pure FM’s Join Shamrock on ‘Breakfast 101’; Hon. Paul Ernesta and Hon. Wavel Woodcock were ‘On Set’ With Sylvie at K-Radio; Hon. Chantal Ghislain and Hon. Jany De Letourdie spoke to Marie-Claude Onyekachi on Radyo Sesel’s ‘Labyans Tropikal’; whereas Gervais Henrie and Chantal Ghislain accompanied by Ms. Samia Lebon were live on SBC’s Paradise FM with Chicco ‘In Paradise’.

The initiative was the first of its kind spearheaded by the committee, of whom have embarked on a proactive outreach since last year to rejuvenate the National Assembly’s relations with the local media industry. The Committee also discussed future prospects relating to the expansion of their mandate to include oversight over the Culture & Youth sector.

Later this year, to mark World Press Freedom Day on 3rd May, the committee will host its second annual debate with representatives of media houses and media practitioners, the Seychelles Media Commission, social media administrators, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), youth organizations and other interest groups.

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