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Committee on Government Assurances Monitor Progress of Projects on Praslin & La Digue

The Committee on Government Assurances, headed by its Chairperson, Hon. Gervais Henrie carried out a site visit to Praslin and La Digue on Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd September, 2018. The two day working sessions were part of the Committee’s mandate of investigating the progress of projects pledged by Ministers on the floor of the house during Statements, Question Time, the Budget Address and during the delivery of the Message of the President on the State of the Nation.

Amongst the priority areas under investigation were the housing projects within the scope of the 24units/24 districts/24 months’ strategy, secondary road projects, day care center and fish market.

Whilst a few of the projects were completed such as the fish market on La Digue and the first phase of the Housing Project at Baie Ste Anne, the others faced many delays relating to the transportation and cost of materials on the islands and the retendering of projects because of breach of contracts, to name a few. Upon reflecting the recommendations and observations that came out as a result of the working sessions, Hon. Henrie stated that ‘the concerned Ministries should review the framework in place for tendering and that they must ensure that bidding contractors have the capacity in terms of human, technical and financial resources.’ Hon. Henrie also added that ‘the committee members are encouraged by the synergy that exists between the different district authorities as it has allowed for stronger communication with the different government entities overseeing the community projects.’

The members of the Committee were accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport, Department of Local Government and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

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