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Role of Members of the National Assembly in Budget Process

Members and Staff of the National Assembly met today 24th August 2018 at STC Conference Room with Ministry of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning and the World Bank representatives to share knowledge and practical experience on the role of Members of the National Assembly in Program based budgeting process using Kenya and South Africa experiences. The discussion was aimed at empowering the Members of the National Assembly and the Budget Officers to be effective in performing their roles in approving and overseeing public expenditure within a Program Performance Based Budgeting  system.

The session focused on:

  • The National Assembly process of approving and overseeing the budget, specifically pre-budget process, pre-budget statement, and the National Assembly budget calendar
  • Specific practices of reviewing and approving the budget proposals and budget execution reports; what do Members look for? What are the thematic findings? What powers does National Assembly have on the proposal and execution reports? and
  • What are the critical factors that enables National Assembly to successfully fulfill its budget approval and oversight responsibilities. Highlight the challenges.

During the discussions, some pertinent points were raised and discussed:

  1. Public Finance Act
  2. Parliamentary Budget Office with support Staff
  3. Resources for specific outputs
  4. Adjusting level of service with resources
  5. Results link to increase demand
  6. Public Committee
  7. Pre-budget policy statement
  8. Post budget document for monitoring
  9. Parliamentary Budget Office by Law and non-partisan
  10. Amendment of Standing order where need be.