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International Affairs Committee Meet with Trade Consultant

The International Affairs Committee chaired by Hon Jean-Francois Ferrari met with the Department of Trade in the Ministry of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning on Thursday 12th July 2018. The Department of Trade initiated the meeting with Dr. Gustav Brink (a Consultant from South Africa) and the International Affairs Committee.  Dr. Brink was accompanied by Mrs Cindy Chang-Leng Clair – Principal Trade Officer, Ms. Rudy Rose – Senior Trade Officer and Ms. Cheryl Dine – Trade Officer.

Dr Brink is currently in Seychelles to work on a project to implement a national legal framework for trade remedies/trade defence measures, which should allow Seychelles to establish a mechanism for anti-dumping, safeguards and countervailing measures.

A power point presentation was done and discussions followed, involving the presentation on the requirements for Seychelles and the overall expectation for the project and Members were able to provide inputs and ask for clarifications.

The Committee also learnt that Dr. Brink has been assisting with the drafting of the following bills that are ready for circulation for comments:

  • Trade Remedies Bill
  • Anti-Dumping Regulations
  • Countervailing Regulations
  • Safeguard Regulations”

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