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Engaging Parliamentarians on the SDGs to Commemorate World Parliament Day 2018

To commemorate the very first International Day of Parliamentarism, the National Assembly in collaboration with UNDP Seychelles hosted a panel discussion on ‘Engaging Parliament on the Sustainable Development Goals‘, which took place at the Savoy Resort at Beau Vallon.

The morning involved presentations from the department of Economic Planning led by PS Elizabeth Agathine, UNDP Seychelles led by Mr Roland Alcindor and the National Bureau of Statistics led by Ms Helena De Letourdis, all covering the topic of the SDGs in relation to their organisations. The importance of the SDGs was discussed later during the panel discussions with the Speaker of the Youth Assembly, Mr Roberto Legaie and the Founder of the UN Youth Organisation, Ms Anna Rose Clarisse providing insight into the civil society youth sector and the efforts being done to implement these goals for the development of Seychelles. Fruitful exchanges on the need for strategic cohesion were discussed between governmental departments, the public and the legislature in implementing the goals.


This new day was decided by the United Nations General Assembly in its latest resolution on the interaction between the United Nations, National Parliaments and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

Data provided by the IPU shows that parliaments and democracy are generally strong but they are also facing huge challenges: the rights of a growing number of MPs are being violated; women’s participation in politics is stagnating; young people in many countries continue to be excluded from political decisions that affect their future; and people are losing trust in their political institutions. Despite all of these challenges, the International Day of Parliamentarism is also a time to celebrate parliaments, as the cornerstone of democracy, and as institutions designed to improve the lives of the people they represent, as well as to monitor progression.

Going forward the National Assembly will commemorate this day along with other National Parliaments across the globe and continue to look for ways to engage the public and carry out the role of implementing the SDGs within the Legislature.