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Bills Committee Meet with the Civil Code Revision Committee

The Civil Code amendments will be presented to the Assembly by government during the next few months.

In view of the significance of the Code an extended Bills Committee of the National Assembly met with the Civil Code Revision Committee and the Vice-President for a working session to prepare for the presentation of the Bill to the Assembly.

Fruitful discussions were held on the Amendments of the Civil Code and the dates of when the National Assembly could potentially take on the Bill for debating.

The Bills Committee chaired by Hon. Bernard Georges was joined by the Speaker and Deputy-Speaker, the two Leaders in the House, the two Party Whips, Deputy Clerk and the Clerk of the National Assembly. The Civil Code Revision Committee will comprise of the Chief Justice as the Committee Chair, Judge Ellen Carolus, Magistrate Vipin Benjamin, Mr Kieran Shah S.C., Mr John Renaud, Mr Nichol Gabriel and Mr Patrick Lablache. A legal draftsperson from the AG’s chambers will also be present.

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