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Media Committee Meets with the Media Houses to Foster Stronger Relations

The Media Committee of the National Assembly held a meeting with representatives from the respective Media Houses to discuss how the working relationship between the National Assembly and their respective organizations can improve.

The meeting was positive and discussions were held whereby representatives from the respective media houses were freely able to express their opinion as well as flag certain constraints when it came to reporting on Parliament. A variety of Media Houses were present from the Print Media as well as Radio and Broadcasting; the Seychelles Media Commission also attended and shared their views. Going forward the Media Committee will host this meeting regularly in response to the recommendations of the Media practitioners.

The Media Committee, is a Standing Committee of the National Assembly and was set up under Article 104 of the Constitution, which provides the National Assembly with the powers to create Committees, which is one of the main mechanisms that the institution uses to foster good governance, transparency and accountability. A large part of the work of the Members of the National Assembly takes place in Committees that are constitutionally empowered; where policy issues are considered, the work and expenditure of the Government is analysed and proposals for legislation examined and investigated. The Committees are central to the oversight role of the institution and are mandated to carry out a given function and then report back to the House with recommendations and findings.

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