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The National Assembly Working on being Open & Freely Accessible

The National Assembly of Seychelles is looking to learn more about how the public views its work and how it can improve its website and the services that it offers to the public via an Online Survey. With the increase of public engagement, the National Assembly is striving to provide a transparent service to enable the public to engage with the parliamentary work going on, participate in decision making and use resources that will soon be available to educate about Parliament & Democracy.

In the attempt to set universal benchmarks for good practice in the communications of the National Assembly and the Parliamentary website, members of the public can access the Survey on the facebook page, which will only take 5 mins to complete and the responses completely anonymous. Survey Link:http://bit.ly/nationalassemblysey

In an effort to engage the public and disseminate information as fast as possible the National Assembly has launched a Youtube Channel whereby live streaming of Sittings will be available, as well as videos of past Sittings and Committee Public Hearings. In addition, the National Assembly has also launched a Facebook Page to encourage the public to participate and engage with the parliamentary work that is progressing.

Parliamentary websites can help members of the public engage with the Members of the National Assembly, the Secretariat and the democratic process. The National Assembly in particular understands that the social media platform and parliamentary website can be a powerful vehicle to enhance democratic communication, as well as transparency, public participation, representation and accountability; all of which are elements the National Assembly values and are crucial in contributing to the quality of a liberal democracy. The National Assembly is encouraging members of the public to follow the Facebook Page and Subscribe to the Youtube Channel to stay up to date with Sittings, Order Papers and Parliamentary Business.

As the National Assembly continues to strive towards being more open and freely accessible further talks are being held with SBC on the way forward for the live broadcasting of the Sittings & Educational Programmes.