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Anti Victimisation Commitee Meeting

The Anti Victimization Committee


The Anti Victimization Committee

The Anti-Victimization Committee is a Standing Committee which was created by virtue of a resolution of the National Assembly.

The Committee is mandated to hear and enquire into cases of Victimization and has the principal aims of: resolving the complaints lodged before it; and identifying and recommending to the National Assembly the measures to be adopted to eliminate victimization in Seychelles.

The Committee held its first hearing on 25th April 2017 and up to now, 136 cases out of the 350 grievances submitted before the Committee have been read.

So far the Committee has received good cooperation and support from Organizations/Ministries and other private companies following certain Grievances brought against them.

The Committee consists of eight members:

Hon. Clifford Andre as Chairperson

Hon. Basil Hoareau as Vice Chairperson

Hon. Jany Deletourdie

Hon. Egbert Hoareau

Hon. Wavel Woodcock

Hon. Paul Ernesta

For more information on the Committee and for further information on the submission of Grievances kindly contact The Secretary of the Committee, Ms. Gina Come.

Email: avc@nationalassembly.sc