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Committee on Islands



  1. To visit all Outer Islands of the Republic, as well as certain other Seychelles islands, to engage with their owners, those responsible for their management, and those employed there so as to take stock of their actual development as well as future strategies for their use.
  1. To engage with persons from all development fields – agriculture, fishing, Housing, tourism, and nature conservancy, amongst others – with view to understanding the challenges and advantages of islands and thereby  recommend plans for their use.
  1. To consider new initiatives for the optimal development and use of all Outer Islands.
  1. To consider ways in which all outer islands can be made freely accessible to Seychellois to visit, to reside on or to develop.
  1. To report to the Assembly on ways in which all Seychelles islands can be rendered more closely part of the national territory, more transparently  administered and better   used as part of the national development          strategy.