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Order Paper – Tuesday 28th February 2017

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  1. Private Members Bills

(First Reading)

International Business Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2017

(Bill No.2 of 2017)

Public Officers Protection (Amendments) Bill, 2017

(Bill No.4 of 2017)

  1. Private Notice Question
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Ms. Jutta Alexis

Clerk to the National Assembly                    27th February, 2017


Private Notice Question


To The Vice President

Mr. Vincent Meriton


  1. Wavel Ramkalawan- Leader of The Opposition

 Etan donnen ki Sesel ti donn son langazman pour ki Lafrik i prezant en sel kandida pour pos Sekreter Zeneral UNWTO, avek bi ki Lafrik I ganny sa pozisyon par agree avek rezolizyon bann Minis SADC an Mars 2016, an Gabarone, Botswana, e pli tar an Zilyet 2016 dan some AU Sef Deta Lafrik an Kigali, Rwanda, eski Lofis Prezidan i kapab dir nou:


  1. Akoz ki Gouvernman Sesel in al kont sa bann menm rezolisyon e siport en Seselwa pour sa pos, e donk anmenn divizyon lo nivo Lafrik?
  1. Eski Gouvernman Sesel pa vwar ki sa i malonnet lo son par?
  1. Eski Gouvernman Sesel pa pe donn Sesel en move repitasyon Sesel koman en pei ki pa gard son parol?
  1. Eski Sesel i kapab ekspekte sipor total avek lezot pei Lafrik demen swivan son aksyon dezonnet?
  1. Ki konsekans ki sa i kapab annan pour linite Afriken, ki Sesel i koz bokou lo la?





  1. Wavel Ramkalawan – Leader of the Opposition

This Assembly gives its approval to the Terms of Reference of the TRUTH, RECONCILIATION AND NATIONAL UNITY of the National Assembly.

  1. Wavel Ramkalawan – Leader of the Opposition

The National Assembly approves the Terms of Reference of the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON ISLANDS

  1. Clive Roucou – Member for Plaisance

The National Assembly approves the Terms of Reference of the COMMITTEE ON HIV/AIDS AND SEXUAL REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND RIGHTS

  1. Clifford Andre – Member for Anse Aux Pins

The National Assembly approves the Terms of Reference of the ANTI-VICTIMISATION COMMITTEE





 With an overarching view to settling past political divisions since the 1977 Coup D’état and uniting the country around a common agenda for a confident future where every Seychellois will have a sense of equal ownership and value, the National Assembly Committee on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity adopts the following Terms of Reference for its work:

  1. To shed the light of truth over events since 5 June 1977
  1. To receive information in writing from any persons regarding complaints as to any action affecting their rights since 5 June 1977
  1. To inventorise and classifyheads of possible complaints with a view to assessing the size of the problem
  1. To receive proposals orally or in writing from interested parties, and consider different methods used by other countries in similar situations,as to how best to approach and resolve the issues of unity and national reconciliation
  1. To make proposals to Government on the structure and composition of the most appropriate national forum to deal with the issues of unity and national reconciliation, and the procedure it should utilise to that end.




  1. To visit all Outer Islands of the Republic, as well as certain other Seychelles islands, to engage with their owners, those responsible for their management, and those employed there so as to take stock of their actual development as well as future strategies for their use.
  1. To engage with persons from all development fields – agriculture, fishing, Housing, tourism, and nature conservancy, amongst others – with view to understanding the challenges and advantages of islands and thereby  recommend plans for their use.
  1. To consider new initiatives for the optimal development and use of all Outer Islands.
  1. To consider ways in which all outer islands can be made freely accessible to Seychellois to visit, to reside on or to develop.
  1. To report to the Assembly on ways in which all Seychelles islands can be rendered more closely part of the national territory, more transparently  administered and better   used as part of the national development          strategy.




The main aim of the Committee is to advocate and influence responses on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health issues

The committee shall:

  1. Examine issues relating to HIV/AIDS and SRHR
  1. Advise and disseminate information to Members of the National Assembly for possible legislative enactment in a manner that human rights and dignity of all citizens are safe guarded
  1. Establish effective Communication with local and international stake holders
  1. Ensure that legislations on HIV/AIDS and SRHR are in conformity to other Southern African Development countries




The core functions and powers of the committee are to:

  1. hear and determine cases of victimisation;
  2. conduct the necessary investigation into all such cases;
  3. prepare a comprehensive report for each and every case, which shall include the recommendations made;
  4. submit reports to the National Assembly, at quarterly intervals;
  5. communicate the Committee’s recommendations to the respective parties, Ministries, Agencies, private organisations etc., with the aim of resolving the complaints;
  6. enquire whether there has been compliance with the recommendations made by the committee; and
  7. request for any relevant files or documents from any offices or parties concerned.