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Daily Archives: 9 January, 2017

Press Release – Condolence Message – Sir James Richard Marie Mancham.


CONDOLENCE MESSAGE On behalf of The National Assembly of Seychelles, and its Secretariat, the Speaker, wishes to convey his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of the late founding President of Seychelles Sir, James Richard Marie Mancham. Sir, James R.M. Mancham will be fondly remembered by all who had the privilege of working or interacting with him. He was an ...

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Verbatim – Tuesday 6th December 2016.

NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF SEYCHELLES Tuesday 6thDecember 2016 The Assembly met at 9 am National Anthem Moment of Reflection Mr Speaker in the Chair. MR SPEAKER Bonzour tou dimoun.  Bonzour tou bann MNA, le 2 Leaders.  Tou dimoun ki dan lakour, ki an deor lakour ki pe ekout nou, nou swet zot labyenveni pour en zournen travay, en lasemenn travay e ...

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