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Hon. Charles De Commarmond
Hon. Charles De Commarmond

Hon. Charles De Commarmond


The Leader of Government Business, Mr. Jean Baptiste, Charles de Commarmond was born on the 4th April 1959. He is married with 4 children.

After completing the Seychelles College in 1977, he proceeded to the Seychelles Teachers Training College (TTC) where he graduated in 1980 as a Maths and Science Teacher (excelling in both Maths theory and method).

Taught at Cascade Secondary School and other post-secondary and Military Institutions (1980 – 1991).

Elected to the People’s Assembly in 1983 – 1987.

1984 to 1985 completed political course in Magdeburg, Germany.

In 1989 he completed studies (Moscow State University) Moscow, Russia.

From 1991 to 1993 he was the District Council Chairperson for Cascade District.

In 1993 with the reintroduction of Multiparty Democracy and the Birth of 3rd Republic, Hon. Charles de Commarmond was elected Member of National Assembly for the Cascade District.

Hon. de Commarmond is currently the longest serving Parliamentarian in office in the National Assembly of Seychelles.   He has been elected and reelected (always by a large majority) in 1993 (SPPF), in 1998 (SPPF), in 2002 (SPPF), in 2007 (SPPF), in 2011 (PL) and 2016 (PL) representing the District of Cascade.

Started as an Insurance Agent in 1989 and on completion of courses in Insurance established Fidelity Insurance Brokers in 1996.

He has attended many short courses in Leadership Skills, Small Arms and Conflict Resolutions, Peace and Security Issues, Insurance and Strategic Studies.

In May 2015, towards the end of the 5th Assembly he was elevated to the positon of Leader of Government Business (LGB) in the National Assembly a position which he was again trusted upon from September 2016 to date.

Hon. de Commarmond is also a Member of the Finance & Public Accounts Committee (FPAC), the Reforms & Modernization Committee, Truth & Reconciliation Select Committee and the Defense and Security Committee. He has attended many high level Regional and International Parliamentary Fora which includes the CPA, Africa Centre for Strategic Studies, IPU, SADC PF, PAP, SADCOPAC etc….

He enjoys acting, fishing and Sports.  In 1991 he received the Seychelles Best Actor Award (Male).