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This Week – 15th August 2016

The Minister for Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Mr. Didier Dogley will be in the National Assembly this week to answer several questions relating to his Ministry.

The questions will address the Ministry’s immediate plans to  come up with a solution for  the marshland that floods following  heavy rain  and impacts on  the inhabitants of the Takamaka district and also affects the farmers whose agricultural estates are on flat lands; the Ministry’s update on the project to amplify the storage capacity of the ‘La Gogue Dam’; the Ministry’s plan concerning the clean-up of  secondary roads   and the plan to revise the existing  list of secondary roads in all districts while also taking into consideration the unsafe nature of some of these roads; and PUC’s immediate and future plan to connect businesses on the sewage system by working  with property owners.

In addition, two motions have been tabled for this sitting. The Leader of Government Business, Hon. Charles de Commarmond is calling on the House to approve SADC Protocol on Science, Technology and Innovation, done in Johannesburg, South Africa on 17th August, 2008, while The Proportionally Elected Member, Hon. Maria Payet- Marie is calling on the Government to revise its policy that governs Artisanal Fishing, in a bid to ensure durability of this same Industry so that Seychellois households can continue to benefit from marine yields.





Ms. Jutta Alexis

Public Relations & Communications Officer