Monday 3rd August, 2015


The Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture, Mr. Wallace Cosgrow will be in the National Assembly this week to answer five (5) questions pertaining to his Ministry. The questions relate to the credit facilities being given to farmers; the role of Extension Officers and the services they offer; the type of support being given by the Ministry to encourage small farms to undertake organic farming; the use of the Livestock Trust Fund, as well as the completion and operation of the water storage and irrigation project for ‘Fermye Des Arpents’.

Subsequently, the Minister for Education, Mrs. MacSuzy Mondon will deliver a statement on Discipline in Schools.

The Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, Mr. Vincent Meriton will also be present to introduce the Local Government Bill, 2015. This Bill, if approved, will make provision for the establishment of a District Council in each district under the governance of the Ministry responsible for Local Government.



Ms. Angelic Appoo

Assistant Clerk (Finance & Accounts)