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Monday 22nd June, 2015


This week in the National Assembly, the Minister for Labour and Human Resources Development, Ms. Idith Alexander will answer questions before the House.

The Minister will address several issues relating to her Ministry including the following concerns: envisaged plan to introduce new employment scheme; the status of the Seychelles Decent Work Country Program (2011-2015); and proposed study to set out reasons as to why nowadays the youths are less incline to take employment in the tourism, manufacturing and construction industries.

The Minister for Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy, Mr. Jean Paul Adam will also be present to introduce the Revenue Administration (Amendment) Bill, 2014. A new section is being inserted to introduce a penalty fee in the form of additional tax to a person who provides false and misleading revenue statement.

Additionally, the Member for Cascade, Hon. Charles Decommarmond will table a motion. The Motion is calling on the Department of Information, Communication and Technology (DICT) to be more efficient in its role as the main telecommunication regulator in Seychelles.



Ms. Shelda Commettant

Clerk to the National Assembly