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This Week – Sitting of Tuesday 14th April, 2015


 Sitting of Tuesday 14th April, 2015

This week in the National Assembly, the Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Mr. Didier Dogley, will answer questions before the House.

The Minister will address the following concerns: measures to resolve the poor drainage situation in the Anse Aux Pins district; envisaged strategies to address potable water storage and distribution challenges in the Leo Kayol and Bodanmyen areas; the replacement of the Belvedere Road water pipe at Plaisance on account of recurrent breakdowns; the possible construction of a sewage treatment plant at Anse Etoile; sewage connections for construction developments in the Les Mamelles/Plaisance plateau and the introduction of a prepaid electricity system;

Moreover, the Revenue Administration (Amendment) Bill, 2015 will undergo second reading. The bill, to be presented by the Vice President of the Republic, Mr. Danny Faure, confers certain powers on the Minister to enter into a tax agreement or treaty relating to international tax compliance, avoidance and the prevention of fiscal evasion.

Additionally, the Leader of Government Business, Hon. Marie-Antoinette Rose, will call on the Assembly to approve the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters.











Haajira Jumaye (Ms)


Public Relations, Communication and Protocol Officer


Monday 13th April, 2015