This Week – 10-Nov-14

Monday 10th November, 2014


The Minister for Minister for Labour and Human Resources Development, Ms. Idith Alexander will address the following concerns during this week’s question time period: the possibility of improved compensation for stevedores; construction companies withholding employee salaries over unreasonable lengths of time; mechanisms in place to ensure decent working conditions, e.g. to ensure correct disbursement of minimum salary compensation; reasons behind the great disparity of jobseekers statistics between that of the Ministry and the National Statistics bureau and also, online training opportunities for career development and progression.

Additionally, the Agriculture & Fisheries (Incentives) (Repeal) Bill, 2014, has been tabled to the House for second reading. If approved, it will repeal the Agricultural and Fisheries (Incentives) Act, 2005.

Moreover, one motion has been tabled for this sitting and will be presented by Hon. Galen Bresson, representative of the Bel Ombre district. He will call for the executive to establish a competent authority to monitor product quality, standards and prices.







Haajira Jumaye (Ms)

Public Relations, Communication and Protocol Officer