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This Week – 22nd September, 2014

Monday 22nd September, 2014


The Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, Mr. Vincent Meriton, will be answering twelve (12) questions during question time in Tuesday’s sitting.

The questions will address the following: measures taken against carers delivering substandard service; progress on renovation work on the Old People’s Home at Anse Royale; review on support given to foster parents; the anti-doping program and finally, the financial contribution of the private sector towards Seychelles’ participation in the Commonwealth games.

Minister Meriton will also present a bill to the House: the Probation of Offenders (Amendment) Bill, 2014, which if passed, would provide for the Juvenile Courts to make probation and the newly introduced community service orders. It also provides for the institution of probation committees to review the work of probation officers and submit reports to the court.

Moreover, two motions have been tabled for this sitting: Hon. Marie-Antoinette Rose, Leader of Government Business will move the House to approve supplementary estimates, amounting to SCR 224,192,597, in excess of the approved national budget for 2014. Additionally, Hon. Bernard Arnephy, representative of the Anse Boileau district will present a motion to the House calling for the executive to scale up efforts to encourage Seychellois to engage in decent work and promote strong work ethics, while abridging laissez-faireism in the workplace.





Haajira Jumaye (Ms)

Public Relations, Communication and Protocol Officer