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This Week – 9th September 2014

Monday 8th September, 2014


In the first sitting of the third term, the Minister for Education Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon will be answering nine (9) questions posed by the Members of the National Assembly.

The questions relate mostly to the current challenges present in the Seychelles education system as well as the progress on a number of projects, for instance: the problem of teacher absenteeism; the availability of specialised teachers in schools and concerns regarding the performance of foreign teachers employed; programs to attract former teachers back to the profession as well as further training opportunities for social science teachers.

Additionally, Hon. Jeovana Charles will move the House, through a motion, to support all international efforts to free the 200 or so young schoolgirls in Boko Haram’s captivity.






Haajira Jumaye (Ms)

Public Relations, Communication and Protocol Officer