THIS WEEK – 28th July

Monday 28th July, 2014


In the last sitting for this second term, the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, Mr. Joel Morgan will be present to answer an urgent question. Hon. Esther will enquire about the Ministry’s efforts to assist with the search for the two fishermen in the Baie St Anne district. Both have been reported missing since June 2014.

Moreover, three bills have been tabled for the consideration of the House. They include: the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2014 (Bill No. 16 of 2014); the National Payment System Bill, 2014 (Bill No. 14 of 2014) and the Disaster Risk Management Bill, 2014 (Bill No. 15 of 2014).

Additionally, one motion has been tabled by Hon. Pierre, the leader of the Opposition. He will move the House to approve the report made by the Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC) of the National Assembly, which reviewed the report of the Auditor General for the year 2011.






Haajira Jumaye (Ms)

Public Relations, Communication and Protocol Officer