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THIS WEEK – 7th-Apr-2014

Monday 7th April, 2014


The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam will be in the National Assembly this week to answer seven questions concerning his Ministry. These questions include amongst others, the repatriation of Seychellois who are living abroad without necessary papers, the Strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs towards Somalia as a result of diminishing piracy activities and the plan of the Ministry to meet the objectives of the SADC Protocol by 2015.

The Assembly will also consider two motions.

The first Motion will be tabled by Hon. Derek Samson, Member for Anse Royale, calling on the Assembly to support all international efforts being carried out to release the three Cubans currently in the American prison.

The second Motion will be tabled by Hon. Chantal Ghislain, Member for La Digue & Inner Islands requesting the Government to put in place International Standards to define the role of social workers in the district and also redefine the term “orphan” to take into consideration the real situations of Seychelles.

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