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Media, Youth & Culture Committee



Role & Purpose
The main purpose of the Media, Youth & Culture Committee (MYCC) is to ensure monitoring and analysis of policy, administration and the budget of the Media, Youth and Culture Departments of the Government, as well as to scrutinize matters within the Ministerial Portfolio of Media, Youth and Culture.

Tasks & Responsibilities

The Committee will:
• Propose and assist with training for Members of the National Assembly and journalists in Parliamentary Reporting and Broadcasting
• Conduct inquiries into areas of interest within its remit such as new or existing developments in media and digital infrastructure.
• Carry out an oversight role on future projects of all media organisations partly or fully funded from the national budget; and partly or fully owned by the Government of Seychelles.
• Conduct inquiries into the distribution of funds by Media, Youth and Culture related Governmental bodies.
• Conduct visits to the Departments of Culture, Youth and Media
• In the youth sector, propose and assist with capacity building and strengthen relations with local youth organisations.
• Study and review legislation within the Ministerial Portfolios of Media, Youth & Culture
• Make reports and recommendations to the House as often as possible that includes recommendations for proposed legislation or policies.
• Review and assess programmes and policies of the Ministries and departments and the effectiveness of their implementation.

• The Committee shall consist of seven Members appointed as per Article 104 (2) of the Constitution.
• The Committee shall elect its own chairperson as per Rule 5 of the Rules of Procedures for Committees of the National Assembly.
• The Committee shall meet at least once a month, or as and when required.
• The Committee shall be appointed for the duration of the Session of the National Assembly.
• The Secretary and Secretary Assistant of the Committee shall be appointed by the Secretariat of the National Assembly.
• The Committee may co-opt any person with interest in Media, Youth & Culture to serve in this Committee.



The following are Members of the Committee:

Hon. Gervais Henrie – Chairperson

Hon. Flory Larue – Vice-Chairperson

Hon. Wavel Woodcock

Hon. Jany Letourdie

Hon. Chantal Ghislain

Hon. Simon Gill

Hon. Paul Ernesta


The following Secretariat Staff assist the Committee in its work:

Ms. Alexandria Faure – Secretary

Ms. Samia Lebon – Secretary Assistant


The Committee can be contacted on media@nationalassembly.sc