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Media Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Media Committee is one of the seven Standing Committees of the National Assembly. It was created in March 2012 pursuant to order 84 of the Standing Orders through a motion tabled by Hon. Charles De Commarmond.

The purpose of the Media Committee as set by its Terms of Reference (TOR) is to ensure fair, proper, dignified and unbiased coverage of proceedings of the National Assembly. The Committee exercises its functions through different instruments:

  • Committee Meetings: on every third Monday of the month, the Media Committee convenes its ordinary meeting to follow-up issues and takes matters arising. Special meetings are held as and when required.
  • Meeting with Media Houses: representatives of national media houses are invited to the Committee at least once a year.
  • Visits: the Committee occasionally conducts visits to the different media houses.
  • Training workshop: the Committee proposes and assists with training for Members of the National Assembly and journalist in parliamentary reporting and broadcasting.


The following are members of the Committee:

Hon. Gervais Henrie – Chairperson

Hon. Flory Larue – Vice-Chairperson

Hon. Wavel Woodcock

Hon. Jany Letourdie

Hon. Chantal Ghislain

Hon. Simon Gill

Hon. Paul Ernesta


Important Documents for the Media


The following Secretariat staff assist the Committee in its work:

  • Ms. Alexandria Faure – Secretary
  • Ms. Samia Lebon – Secretary Assistant