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Monday 1st July, 2013


A delegation from the National Assembly attended the ACP Parliamentary Assembly and the 25th Joint Parliamentary Assembly of the ACP – EU which was held in Brussels, Belgium from the 12th to the 20th June 2013.The delegation was headed by the Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the International Affairs Committee (IAC), Hon. Andre Pool and was accompanied by Hon. Jennifer Vel.  The Seychelles Ambassador in Brussels Ms. Vivienne Fock-Tave and Ms. Beryl Samson, the Minister’s Councilor in the Embassy also formed part of the Seychelles delegation at these meetings.Some of the issues discussed include:

The Seychelles Delegation(Photo)The Seychelles Delegation

–   The 11th European Development Fund (EDF) for 2014-2020;

–   The debt situation in ACP countries;

–    Food and Nutrition Security and Agricultural Policies;

–   Human Resources for Health in ACP countries

–   Agricultural policies: Facing the Challenges of food security and climate change.

–   Youth at the center of the New ACP development policy: The importance of new technologies, education and entrepreneurship.

–   Economic Partnership Agreements – next Steps

–   Promoting Investment Climate in Developing Countries

–  The political situation in Madagascar.

The Joint Parliamentary Assembly was informed that an amount of 31.5 billion Euros has been earmarked under the 11th EDF.  The next process is to determine the criterias for allocation after which the ACP countries will submit their request for funding.  Seychelles is expected to benefit significantly from this fund. The meeting also endorsed the SADC Roadmap to resolve the political situation in Madagascar, a process in which Seychelles played and continue to play a leading role.




Ms. Noritha Legaie

Private Secretary to the Deputy Speaker