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18 – 16th December 2010

National Assembly of Seychelles

The Secretariat




Sitting of Thursday 16th December 2010 at 9.00 am



1.       National Anthem



2.      Moment of Reflection



3.      Communications from the Chair



4.      Motions



5.      Public Bills

Second Reading

Value Added Tax Bill, 2010

Customs Management Bill, 2010

Seychelles Media Commission Bill, 2010


6.      Adjournment







Veronique Bresson (Ms)

Clerk to the National Assembly                                   15th December 2010





Sitting of Thursday 16th December, 2010





1.   Mover- Hon. Andre Pool-Member for Anse Boileau

Pursuant to Article 154 (6) of the Constitution, I move that this Assembly resolves to approve the supplementary estimates for the year 2009 to regularize the expenditure of SR204,184,273 (Two Hundred and Four Million, One Hundred and Eighty Four Thousand, Two Hundred and Seventy Three only) in excess of approved budget for the year.



2.   Mover- Hon. Andre Pool- Member for Anse Boileau

This Assembly resolves to approve the payments amounting to SR7,312,704.48cts (Seven Million, Three Hundred and Twelve Thousand and Seven Hundred and Four Seychelles Rupees and Forty Eight Cents Only) effected under the Contingency Fund for the year 2008 and 2009.