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28th July 2010 – The Speaker on Official Visit to Libya

Wednesday 28th July, 2010

The Speaker on Official Visit to Libya

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Dr. Patrick Herminie concluded today an official visit to the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, following an invitation from his counterpart, in the Libyan General People’s Congress, His Excellency, Mr. Mohamed Abdulqasem Alzwai.


The dialogue between the Hon’ble Speaker and Mr. Alzwai centred on the further strengthening of the good relations that already exist between the two countries, as well as the promotion of parliamentary relations through future exchange visits. The Libyan General People’s Congress undertook to support the further development of the National Assembly, especially with regards to its ICT programme.


Hon. Dr. Herminie further met with high officials from the Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation Ministry and discussed such pertinent issues such as African unity, as well as the current status of the Seychelles’ membership in the African Union (AU), and the National Assembly’s endeavour to join the Pan-African Parliament.


The Libyan side has once again expressed understanding and promised support for Seychelles to be a fully fledged member of the AU and the Pan-African Parliament. They further reiterated the wish of Libya to invest in the fisheries and tourism sector in the Seychelles.


The Speaker travelled to Libya from the 3rd World Conference of Speakers, held last week in Geneva, Switzerland.


The Speaker remarked- “Although the practice of democracy differs significantly in the two countries, there is definitely room for greater cooperation for the betterment of the two people.”





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