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World Bank Meets National Assembly Committee

Tuesday 9th March




Speaker solicits World Bank support for parliamentary reform


As the economic reform programme enters in its second phase, the role of the Parliament in ensuring its proper implementation will be ever crucial. The National Assembly, as an Institution through its various Committees, will need to be strengthened in order to be better able to oversee the work of the Executive, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Patrick Herminie said yesterday.


Speaker Herminie was addressing the World Bank delegation at a meeting held yesterday with the Economic Reform Oversight Committee (EROC) at the National Assembly building, Ile du Port.


The delegation, comprising of Executive Directors representing all the regions of the world called on the Committee to discuss about the socio-economic challenges facing the people as a result of the reform and to identify areas where the Bank could provide its assistances.


Amongst the topics discussed were:

  • empowerment of the private sector,
  • sustainable development,
  • energy efficiency and
  • social welfare program.


With regards to sustainable development, the Chairman of EROC, Hon. Charles De Commarmond stressed the need for careful planning and urged the government to maintain a balance between development and availability of infrastructure.


As we empower the private sector to take lead in the running of the country’s economy, we have to ensure that more capital are being injected into the development of appropriate infrastructure like sewage facilities, energy sources and port facilities. These are areas where the World Bank can really support the country, said Hon. De Commarmond.


Recognizing the limitation being faced by the authorities to access finance locally for national projects, Mr. Stewart James, the delegation Spokesperson said that the World Bank is willing to consider the matter and to see how it can assist in the process.


The meeting also discussed the education system and its capacity to produce the kind of skills that the economy needs as it develop. In this light, it was proposed that Seychelles defines its vision and work on an agenda which will encourage more public participation.


Subsequent to yesterday’s meeting, EROC and the Finance and Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly will be meeting a delegation from the International Monetary Fund on Wednesday 10th March to discuss the progress of the reform program.





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