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International Affairs Committee (IAC)

Main Function

The Committee’s main function is to work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on matters and issues of International Relations and report to the Assembly thereon.

Terms of Reference

  1. To work closely with the Ministry of foreign Affairs, other governmental and non-governmental organizations on international affairs, peace, security and defense and contribute thereon as and when necessary.
  2. To maintain existing and establish new ties with foreign parliamentary organizations of interest.
  3. To perform any other tasks as may be assigned by the National Assembly.

Members of the Committee

The Committee is comprised of seven Members:

  • Hon. Jean-Francois Ferrari
  • Hon. Clifford Andre
  • Hon. Flory Larue
  • Hon. John Hoareau
  • Hon. Waven William
  • Hon. Jude Valmont
  • Hon. Noline Sophola

The Committee is further assisted in its work by the following Secretariat staff:

  • Ms. Gina Servina – Secretary
  • Ms. Samia Lebon – Secretary Assistant