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Committee on Reform and Modernisation (CoRM)

Role and Purpose of the Committee

The main role of the Committee on Reform and Modernization (CoRM) is to consider legislative and constitutional reform.

The Committee considers the Report of the Constitutional Review Committee and makes concrete proposals to the House on constitutional reform. It also considers and review legislation pertaining to the National Assembly and thereon make proposals to the House.

Members of the Committee

The Committee is comprised of seven Members:

  • Hon. Bernard Georges
  • Hon. Francois Adelaide
  • Hon. Stephen Pillay
  • Hon. Sandy Arrisol
  • Hon. Sebastien Pillay
  • Hon. Waven William
  • Hon. Charles De Commarmond

The Committee is further assisted in its work with a Secretary, Ms. Jutta Alexis and a Secretary Assistant, Ms. Samia Lebon.