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5 – 30th March 2010


National Assembly of Seychelles

The Secretariat


Sitting of Tuesday 30th March 2010 at 9.00 am

1. National Anthem

2. Moment of Reflection

3. Communications from the Chair

4. Presentation of Papers

SI 24/10 Electricity (Amendment) Regulations, 2010

SI 25/10 Trades Tax (Amendment) Regulations, 2010

SI 26/10 Excise Tax (Fuel) Regulations, 2010

5. Motions

6. Adjournment

Veronique Bresson (Ms)

Clerk to the National Assembly 24th March 2010

Sitting of Tuesday 30th March 2010 at 9.00 am


1. Mover – Hon. Andre Pool – Member for Anse Boileau

That this Assembly resolves to ratify the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union.

2. Mover – Hon. Joseph Francois – Member for Anse Aux Pins

An vi nouvo direksyon devlopman ekonomik Sesel, sa Lasanble pe demann gouvernman, pou konsider met an plas en “development fund” dan bann distrik, finanse par developers oubyen businessmen, pou siport devlopman bann pti proze dan bann kominote kot zot biznes oubyen proze i sitie, avek bi pou konplemant finansman sorti kot gouvernman e donn plis lotonomi bann distrik.

3. Mover – Hon. Antony Derjacques – Proportionately Elected Member

That this Assembly calls upon the Government and all pertinent authorities, including the office of the Attorney General, the Commissioner of Police and the Registry of the Supreme Court to re-introduce the practice of inquiries as to sudden death in conformity with the Criminal Procedure Code of Seychelles.